Kids practise

Kids are the future, of both your Dojo and your Martial Art! How good do you want the future to be?
  1. Fun! You can lead your kids to water, but you can’t make them drink it. If they have fun, they learn! If they don’t have fun, they don’t learn – Even if their parents keep driving them to your classes. I try to come up with games that incorporate all movements and strategies needed to succeed in martial arts in general. Sure, sometimes you have to practice pure technique, but I try to keep that to a minimum, and it works!
  2. Social awareness! All kids needs to learn how to cooperate, how to overcome problems, how to defend themselves, etc. You know, the old “Improvise – Adapt – Overcome”. This will be useful for all the kids, and help out the ones that actually stick with the program and become martial artists.
  3. Martial Arts! In a small Dojo in a small city in a small country, the odds are against us about keeping all the kids around until retirement age. We could make sure to specialize all the kids into exactly what we are doing, but it’s far more important to give the kids a good ground to stand on when it comes to martial arts practice in general – or even just the habit of running, going to the gym, etc.

After all this, then we can specialize for each tournament.