Intervju med Linda Lindström

När pandemin slog till behövde vi alla anpassa oss till situationen. För de allra flesta av oss innebar det att träningsmöjligheterna i stor utsträckning försvann. Som tur är består kampsport även av mycket kunskap, och inget hindrar oss från att bli bättre genom en ökad förståelse för vad vi håller på med. Jag samlar på […]

Line-up based learning

Now in the Corona-based learning days, I was watching a webinar from USA Hockey, with Dr. Dean Kriellaars, about how to create “the most effective environment”. Excellent! I agree to a lot of stuff, and it has also given me some perspective, given me more clear terminology on things that I was already on my […]

The easiest truth

Although I “grew up” in a Dojo where Kihon was the meat and potatoes of the practise, and although I have always been intrigued by Kata, I have focused on everything BUT Kihon and Kata since I started my own Dojo. Why? First, let’s look at what Kihon and Kata is.  Kihon is basic techniques, practised […]

John Kreese, or Pecking order

Pecking order is a term to describe the social hierarchy in an organizational structure built in a chicken-like fashion. The bigger chicken peck on the smaller chicken, and so on. I use this as a way to know what you should practice on in your Martial Arts class, and why. Let me explain. When I […]

Aikido Blog

On an award ceremony this Spring I met an Aikidoka called Jakob Blomquist, who also got an award. Not all martial artists ended up at the same dinner table, but luckily we did! We talked a bit, and hopefully it can lead to some sort of cooperation in the future. Anyway, I wanted to share […]

Is failing an option?

A common question in the martial arts scene is of course, can/should students be failed at graduations/belt promotions, if they are not up to the correct level? How should that be handled? I have never failed anyone! Every semester ends with a graduation for the adult class, where we sparr, show some techniques under pressure, […]

Ground game for self-defense?

Some people question the idea of studying fighting on the ground, for self-defense purposes. The reasons can be different, like “it’s always better to stay on your feet”, or “bjj is too competitive, it doesn’t work on the street”, etc. My view is quite clear: In a chaotic situation, it’s very easy to fall, but […]

Kids practise

An inspiration for this blog, and martial artists in general, is of course the Karate Nerd concept by Jesse Enkamp. I find myself answering a lot of posts in the Karate Nerd Facebook group, when people ask for help and opinions in different matters. It’s a nice group, so join it! Today’s post is inspired […]


As a parent, you are responsible for raising your kid. If you don’t do it, society will do it for you, but it’s a long way down a really bad road before that happens. Schools are responsible for raising your kids – to a certain extent – and they might! My job teaching kids in […]

Combat Camp Sweden 2019

For the second year we went to Rob Haans big camp “Combat Camp Sweden”, the first weekend of January. I like the concept of Kangeiko (寒稽古), to set the standard for the rest of the year by tough training in the first weekend of January. This year I got to see the kids practise with […]