Intervju med Linda Lindström

När pandemin slog till behövde vi alla anpassa oss till situationen. För de allra flesta av oss innebar det att träningsmöjligheterna i stor utsträckning försvann. Som tur är består kampsport även av mycket kunskap, och inget hindrar oss från att bli bättre genom en ökad förståelse för vad vi håller på med. Jag samlar på […]

The easiest truth

Although I “grew up” in a Dojo where Kihon was the meat and potatoes of the practise, and although I have always been intrigued by Kata, I have focused on everything BUT Kihon and Kata since I started my own Dojo. Why? First, let’s look at what Kihon and Kata is.  Kihon is basic techniques, practised […]

Tie your belt like a Gracie? part 2

A while back I made a post about the “Gracie” way of tying the belt. I also made a comment about Mifune, and the way he had his belt tied. These days I stumbled upon two photos that gives a new insight to this, but leaves the question marks as bent as before. First is […]

Is failing an option?

A common question in the martial arts scene is of course, can/should students be failed at graduations/belt promotions, if they are not up to the correct level? How should that be handled? I have never failed anyone! Every semester ends with a graduation for the adult class, where we sparr, show some techniques under pressure, […]

Tie your belt like a Gracie?

I learned to tie my belt in what I would call “the traditional way”, the way I have seen most people in Karate, Judo and Ju Jutsu do. Since the belt is 1,5 way around your waist normally, you can choose to use the “middle” of the belt, that is in the front of you, […]

Martial art, sport, self-defense, tradition – or neither?

As schools, styles, traditions – ryu – got bigger, and evolved into different streams, and since every keyboard champ/chump can start a school and join an “international federation”, easily measured qualities become frowned upon. They all want to be the best kept secret, to not have to prove themselves, but still followed by the masses […]


In Martial Arts we are bowing a lot, to everybody, everywhere – all the time. I wanted to give an insight in my view on the Rei towards the Dojo/Shomen/whatever. In a room full of people, where most might be punching each other in the face, rolling or the ground, or something else that require […]