Cobra Kai season 2

The Karate Kid franchise did it again! A well-made series about the rivalry of two opposite ideas of how to teach Karate, Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai. The crescent kick is used all the time, like in any Hollywood production where a martial artist is not played by a martial artist actor, but they get away […]

Cobra Kai

One of the later trends in the TV series business is the “Where are they now” concept. Gilmore Girls, Fuller House – and who wouldn’t sell their liver to get a glimpse into the contemporaries of the Friends cast? After the moderate success of the Karate Kid remake, Will Smith and his team decided to […]


The first season of Fightworld is from 2018 – Frank Grillo travels the world, training martial arts, watching fights, interviewing people and so on. There is a very human side to this that appeals to me. It is much needed in this Instagram-world filled with only the shiny front of Taekwondo, BJJ, Crossfit, Conor McGregor and […]