Tie your belt like a Gracie? part 2

A while back I made a post about the “Gracie” way of tying the belt. I also made a comment about Mifune, and the way he had his belt tied.

These days I stumbled upon two photos that gives a new insight to this, but leaves the question marks as bent as before.

First is the photo above. It is Mifune to the left, and a man called Shoriki to the right. Shoriki actually received a 10 Dan recognition at his death(?), but on this photo he has a red/white belt. Probably the photo is taken in the 50’s, and as you might be able to see Shoriki wears the belt tied in this double folded style.

Then I looked a bit closer on photos of Kawaishi, and found these two photos. First when he had 5 Dan, and then with 6 Dan, and both photos with this double folded belt style. On other photos he doesn’t though.

While browsing through all of these photos, I found the photo below:

On the front row you see Mifune (to the left), with his double folded belt. At the time he had 5 Dan (according to the link), which he had 1909-1916. Next to him is Toku, and according to the link he had 5 Dan, which he got only 1919 according to Kodokan Hall of Fame. Anyway, everybody in the photo apart from Mifune would later get on to have 9 Dan, and all of them that you can see has the belt tied in the “Gracie style” as I referred to it in my previous post! Was it the trend at the time? I have no answers in this matter, but if you do, get in touch with me!

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