Lee Iacocca

The other day I heard that Lee Iacocca passed away, almost 100 years old. Somehow, for me, he was one of those people I never thought would die, like Lemmy. Even though Iacocca was more or less famous, most younger people have never heard of him, especially not those interested in Martial Arts rather than cars. He was the boss at Ford in the 60’s (and partly responsible for the original Mustang), and later at Chrysler. I know about him since I read his two first books already in the 80’s. Instead of playing soccer like other kids, I prefered to read – and Lee Iacocca was obviously not the most boring topic I could imagine.

So why I am writing a Blog post about this? Well, because I realize that he has been very influential in my Leadership and Organizational style! You can just use Google to see a lot of good quotes, or even better – read his books! Anyway, I thought I could boil down his ideas to a few points that I have used.

  • You have to work for everything. Knowledge or good ideas are worth nothing if you are not prepared to actually just do the work.
  • In any Organization that has more people than just yourself in it, you start by choosing the right people. You put the correct person in the correct place, you are clear with the expectations, and you keep motivating.
  • You don’t have to be popular, but always be honest!

I also like to collect money to charities (we give mainly to cancer research), and Lee Iacocca has been funding a lot of Diabetes research through his Iacocca Family Foundation.

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