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On an award ceremony this Spring I met an Aikidoka called Jakob Blomquist, who also got an award. Not all martial artists ended up at the same dinner table, but luckily we did! We talked a bit, and hopefully it can lead to some sort of cooperation in the future. Anyway, I wanted to share his Blog with you, so you can go check it out! That post is about why he practise Aikido, and it really made me think about why I practise.

I like to practise Martial Arts, obviously, it’s something that I found when I was 13 and had never played a single game of soccer or similar in my life. The “Japanese” mentality fits me, and the Dojo is an environment that I like – in theory. I like “fighting” in this sense, that there are no winners (and “obviously only losers” like I tell the kids…), you just do what you can. We are all in the same team, so no matter who scores that Ippon, it was a great day for the team! Or we are on opposing teams, and then it was a great day for the Sport… Isn’t it funny how punching each other in the face make people such good friends?

The one consistant thing though, what a boring answer, is the Organization! I like the Organization of my Dojo, I like the Organization of my practise, and I like the Organization of my Martial Art. Things are predictable unless we make them better, and then they become predictable again. I like to have a Dojo, I like to have practise, and I like to have a Martial Art. I also like (even more) to share that with my friends, with kids that needs a place to go, and the only way to have that is to just do it, which is somehow my Motto.

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