John Kreese, or Pecking order

Pecking order is a term to describe the social hierarchy in an organizational structure built in a chicken-like fashion. The bigger chicken peck on the smaller chicken, and so on. I use this as a way to know what you should practice on in your Martial Arts class, and why. Let me explain. When I […]

Lee Iacocca

The other day I heard that Lee Iacocca passed away, almost 100 years old. Somehow, for me, he was one of those people I never thought would die, like Lemmy. Even though Iacocca was more or less famous, most younger people have never heard of him, especially not those interested in Martial Arts rather than […]

Aikido Blog

On an award ceremony this Spring I met an Aikidoka called Jakob Blomquist, who also got an award. Not all martial artists ended up at the same dinner table, but luckily we did! We talked a bit, and hopefully it can lead to some sort of cooperation in the future. Anyway, I wanted to share […]