Cobra Kai

One of the later trends in the TV series business is the “Where are they now” concept. Gilmore Girls, Fuller House – and who wouldn’t sell their liver to get a glimpse into the contemporaries of the Friends cast? After the moderate success of the Karate Kid remake, Will Smith and his team decided to […]


The first season of Fightworld is from 2018 – Frank Grillo travels the world, training martial arts, watching fights, interviewing people and so on. There is a very human side to this that appeals to me. It is much needed in this Instagram-world filled with only the shiny front of Taekwondo, BJJ, Crossfit, Conor McGregor and […]


As a parent, you are responsible for raising your kid. If you don’t do it, society will do it for you, but it’s a long way down a really bad road before that happens. Schools are responsible for raising your kids – to a certain extent – and they might! My job teaching kids in […]

Combat Camp Sweden 2019

For the second year we went to Rob Haans big camp “Combat Camp Sweden”, the first weekend of January. I like the concept of Kangeiko (寒稽古), to set the standard for the rest of the year by tough training in the first weekend of January. This year I got to see the kids practise with […]