Joseki means something like an honorary seat in the Dojo. Normally it would be one specific side in the layout of the room, but due to structural issues we use it as a term to make a difference between the Shomen (where the teacher/leader sit) and the place where we would put the honorary judges […]


For Fredrik Sjövalls black belt graduation I wanted to give him a belt, something he would be proud to receive, and something I would be proud to give. There are decent belts, but since I am allergic to having embroidery that can be seen on the back of the belt, it doesn’t leave many options. […]

Tie your belt like a Gracie?

I learned to tie my belt in what I would call “the traditional way”, the way I have seen most people in Karate, Judo and Ju Jutsu do. Since the belt is 1,5 way around your waist normally, you can choose to use the “middle” of the belt, that is in the front of you, […]

Martial art, sport, self-defense, tradition – or neither?

As schools, styles, traditions – ryu – got bigger, and evolved into different streams, and since every keyboard champ/chump can start a school and join an “international federation”, easily measured qualities become frowned upon. They all want to be the best kept secret, to not have to prove themselves, but still followed by the masses […]

Black Belt thoughts

This Saturday I had the honor of receiving my 3rd Dan. First a Throwback an entire Decade. In April of 2008 I did my original black belt testing. I was more nervous than ever before, but I think I made it quite well for the time. Just one year later I was asked to do […]

Schroedinger’s black belt

I suppose you have heard of Schroedinger, and the cat that might be both alive and dead. I thought about it the other day, since I recently came across a bunch of people that (for two different reasons) both were and were not black belts. How is this possible? Unlike the cat, they are not […]